Wednesday, December 15, 2010

As the time passes

The system here at Jaypee universities is highly academic, the environment is good, teachers are amazing, but the thing we lack is the other innovative stuff . We lack complete life. The first day i entered the campus, i was thrilled with joy, but now the life have become a sort of monotonous, T1,P1,T2,P2,T3..apart from that no creative and amazing things from the the side of the admins of the university.

The hostel life of course is very exciting, but it is limited as we don't have enough time to enjoy. But mugging up for T2, T3..or playing mind games..

I ask one simple question :" Are we becoming true Engineers or are we following the path that leads us to make a "Kathputli" ! ?"

Wake up Juetians its your one can do it for you.. only you have to change to bring the change..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Books for AIEEE

Here is a list of Books for AIEEE subject wise stick to one book then move on to the next:

1.NCERT (Basic concept builder)(
2.M.L Khanna Objective(For hard problems)
3.MCQ Bharti Bhawan (Speed and Accuracy)

2.HCV PART 1 and 2(Highly conceptual)       (you have to buy it no eBook available)
3.UNIVERSITY PHYSICS 12th edition.(Good illustrations and real life problems) (

2.Physical chemistry: Arihant
3.Organic Chemistry : Notes of FIITJEE
4.Inorganic: NCERT (O.P Tandon for further reading in systematic way)

further eBooks :

National conference @ Jaypee University GUNA

There is a National Technical conference in Jaypee guna for more information
click the link:

Schedule of the National conference
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to view participants click here:

JIIT news

The Deemed University status of Jaypee Noida still there.As seen from notice on JIIT website given below:

Dated: September 28, 2010


This is for information of all the students and faculty members that in the hearing of the case on September 28, 2010 by Hon’ble Supreme Court on Viplav Sharma vs. Union of India & Others regarding the Deemed to be University status, Hon’ble Court has extended the date of filing rejoinder by the Ministry of HRD (reasons for putting each and every Institute in Category C) and next hearing is scheduled on December 7, 2010.  Till then the Status quo is maintained.

(Prof. JP Gupta)
Vice Chancellor

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jaypee Evaluation system

Link to this wonderful system can be found on website of Jaypee:
link: System of evaluation
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Analysis of AIEEE 2010

Hey guys, 2 years analysis is sufficient. Please don't waste time in looking for 10 year analysis, please I request you. Rather, devote your maximum time in studies, please that's a request, better take a printout of the analysis, and then ....back to studies.Good luck!

1.AIEEE 2010 analysis
2.AIEEE 2009 analysis

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Mistakes I did

I was an average student(as heard from some people) during the days of my preparation.
While I was preparing for AIEEE I was damn sure that i would be under 10000 for sure. But, luck only favors those who do HARD WORK the RIGHT way. And later I realized that I didn't do it the right way.
My Failure to get under 10000 rank in AIEEE was due to some points I am mentioning below:

1. I was keen to know others performance rather focusing upon myself.
2. I had been neglecting the NCERT book (Chemistry Part I & II ).
3. I was practicing the problems that my friends won't get.
4. I was studying 10 hrs a day. but still I felt that my performance is not improving ( I was not confident).
5. I had bought 100's of books and confused what to study and what not to!
6. I was not able to decide for which exam I am preparing for is it IIT or AIEEE or BITSAT. (confused!)
7. I had a fear that if someone saw me studying they would call me a geek.
8. Later when I realized that I'm not fit for IIT but => AIEEE I switched to MCQ's but It was very late realization, hardly few months left for AIEEE.
9. I kept on searching the net how to prepare for AIEEE rather preparing myself.
10. I kept on making impossible Time-tables and kept on throwing them in the dustbin.

These were my key to failure. If anyone had these symptoms then please, either don't think to become an engineer or wake up.! I suggest the later.

Coming soon.....Books for AIEEE.


JUET Campus Placement for more info:

CAMPUS PLACEMENT 2006-10 Batch: still in progress

Total No. of Students
No. of Stduents Offered
% of Placement


World class faculty you will be amazed to see the faculty here..


Fee structure is approximately 1.7-1.8 lac per annum. It will be more clear in Adm form.